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Monday, December 18, 2006

Pricing Strategy: How Do You Create One for Computer System Installations

A pricing strategy for computer system installations is usually dependent upon a price-fixed structure. This type of pricing strategy is very effective because the project has very clear parameters. Don’t set a fixed price and stay with it no matter what happens; but do be smart by creating a pricing strategy that protects yourself and keeps risk at a minimum.

A Fixed Pricing Strategy Protects You

If you choose a price-fixed model for your pricing strategy when it comes to installations, a “provision for change” order can protect you easily. Installations are usually conducted a week or so after the initial contact and could take a week to finish. A lot can change during this time, so you have to get a pricing strategy in place from the beginning.

When using fixed-price pricing strategies for installations you need to take a site survey before anything happens. You want to put together a great proposal that will list exactly what’s included in your installation.

Don’t include upgrades with fixed-price pricing strategies. You will be taking on too much responsibility for configuration and might not know what you’re dealing with until you’re already involved. Similarly, don’t do migrations.

If you run into strange configurations, definitely don’t use a fixed-price pricing strategy. They are odd and could be very unpredictable.

What is the Main Point About Pricing Strategy?

No matter what you’re looking at when it comes to computer installations, when considering a fixed-price pricing strategy, you need to figure out how to spot potential areas of trouble. If you recognize issues beyond industry standards, you will prevent issues. Similarly, think seriously about a provision for change order to protect yourself.

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