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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Systems Integrators Need to Use Contact Management Databases

Contact management databases are a critical part of any systems integration business. They can act as a map to find future business. The names within the contact management database are invaluable.

The following tips can help you as a systems integrator get the most our of your contact management databases:

1. Review the contact management database on a weekly basis to keep it current.

2. Add custom fields to your contact management database to separate contacts with great potential from those that are weak. You can do this by setting up four custom fields: size fit – how many computer-related pieces does the client have (rank each contact from 10 to 50); decision fit – is this person in the contact management database the main decision-maker for the company?; niche fit – does this person fit the target industry?; urgency fit – does the prospect need your services in the next 90 days?

3. Assign points within the contact spaces of your contact management database for yes or no answers. Your database should automatically calculate total scored for your contacts. This system allows you to rank prospects and see which ones you should go after immediately.

4. Use two other fields in your customized contact management database: status drop-down list to indicate if a person is a prospect, customer, client, etc.; primary motivator, a text field for entering what is driving the person most to decide to buy your services.

As a systems integrator, you will rely on your contact management database extensively. Use it effectively and keep it current to maximize its impact on your business and decisions.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg