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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Turning Clients Onto Computer Service Contracts

You want your customers to be on computer service contracts. Converting transaction-geared customers to computer service contracts is difficult, and you need to decide if keeping these clients and trying to find them is easier than finding entirely new clients.

If you’re in the mindset where most of your customers are not on computer service contracts, you can be less dependent on those that are transaction-oriented. Your time will be taken up by people that need you, count on you on a regular basis and are paying you.

The Predictability of Computer Service Contracts

You’re going to have steady and predictable clients for your business by signing up clients on computer service contracts. Having regular computer service contract clients will give you less time for people that are not willing to sign and commit to a contract. This will make it easier to either drop clients or convert them to computer service contracts. Computer service contract clients will take priority and the rest will have to wait in line for service.

Converting Existing Clients Onto Computer Service Contracts

In order to convert them, you simply need to explain the situation you have set up with computer service contracts. Because these clients are existing clients, you should offer a small discount to provide an incentive to join. They will get the same service and won’t have to be scheduled into receive regular priority service.

Those clients that don’t take your computer service contracts offer will have to pay extra for priority service, and you will not be able to guarantee the length of your response time. If the client is serious about your services, the client will eventually sign onto computer service contracts. If they are not, you just have to drop them.

Computer service contracts provide leverage. When you have all your clients on computer service contracts, you can improve your profitability. Making computer service contracts a priority will help expand your business in the long-run.

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