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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do With Your Small Business

1. When it comes to your small business, don’t invest in fancy letterhead, stationary or envelopes. Pick a good box of plain paper and matching envelopes at an office supply store to save money while maintaining professionalism.

2. Buy a color laser printer for your small business. They are inexpensive, and can help you steer clear of commercial printing fees for marketing materials.

3. Make a website for your small business and match the email address to the company website domain name.

4. Make your small business office a home office to avoid commercial rental fees.

5. Don’t waste time reading too many IT or consumer computer magazines. Instead, actively market!

6. Don’t rely on unlimited demo software product use. Purchase a subscription, for example to Action Pack from Microsoft for $300 annually if you intend to use Microsoft products.

7. Don’t try to build your own applications as part of your small business. Buy an accounting and time and billing system like Quickbooks and also one to manage contacts.

8. Send email files in Acrobat format with your small business to protect documents and avoid compatibility problems.

9. Perhaps the most important small business advice is to avoid granting credit to one-time clients, especially on product sales. You need to make money rather than lend it.

10. Organize your invoicing and billing practices to better pay your own small business bills.

11. Don’t be cheap with your phone. Your phone helps you present your image, and you need a dedicated business line so you aren’t just treating it like a personal line.

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