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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Computer Service Contracts Increase Your Chances of Long-Term Success

Computer service contracts are the driving force in long-term sustainability for any company. Having a lot of computer service contracts signed, in progress and working at any given moment will help decrease the risk of transitioning your business into a full-time endeavor. Computer service contracts give you guaranteed income each month from clients that have decided to make you their outsourced virtual IT department.

Computer Service Contracts and Their Benefits

There are many benefits to computer service contracts. Computer service contracts give you the confidence to achieve business growth. They also help you prioritize your clients by giving you a clear idea of which clients deserve your first class service and response time. They can also give you reference accounts that can help drum up new business. Computer service contracts offer lifetime value and make business more predictable than it would be without them. Computer service contracts allow for only a minimum payment.

The Important Benefit of Computer Service Contracts

People willing to sign onto $1,000 per month of minimum payment are usually going to have much more work than that done every month. The amount spent beyond the computer service contract depends on the kinds of projects that are in their plans. Therefore, keeping clients’ wish list and plans for projects current is so important.

What Increases the $1,000 per Month Service Contract?

1. PC and notebook upgrades
2. Upgrading a package specific to an industry
3. Web-site upgrades
4. Internet and extranet work
5. DBI
6. Remote worker set-up
7. New office set up

Computer service contracts provide you a starting point for relationships with client companies. They give you a framework for being an outsourced virtual IT department and provide you with a stable and predictable future.

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