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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Do You Determine Customer Expectations?

Customer expectations are a major challenge for managing a company. You have to go beyond customer expectations each time you conduct business. Most people know they have to exceed customer expectations, but they don’t know exactly what these expectations are.

The following three questions can help you get to the heart of your clients’ wants and understand the definition of exceeding customer expectations.

What do you like and dislike about the IT support you’ve previously received?

This question will help a customer open up about all the past customer service he/she has had. Listen and let venting occur if necessary. The answer to this question will give you information you can use to exceed customer expectations. Take a lot of notes and do your best to manage the issues they tell you about. When you excel, you will look like a hero.

What can I do to make working with us easier?

The responses you get here will be about what they’ve liked and disliked about past relationships with consultants. You need to turn their experience with you around so you don’t do the same things that have upset them before. Then you can exceed customer expectations.

Is there something you can tell me about your company that would help me better support its IT needs?

This question will delve into politics and finer points of the company that will provide insight into handling customer expectations. How can you make your way through the rough spots and the hierarchy and make integrating IT easiest for everyone? If you can answer this question, you will exceed customer expectations.

When you get the answers to the previous three customer expectation questions, you should record them and refer back to them often when working with each client.

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