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Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Introduction to Testimonial Marketing

Testimonials can really help market your business. Potential clients will put great stock in other business’ impressions of your services. You need to focus on getting clients to write testimonials for you to use later as part of your marketing techniques.

Testimonials written by your clients should focus on aspects of your services you hope to illuminate. As long as clients are amenable to writing testimonials for you, they should be willing to deliver a specific message.

Examples of Testimonials

If you are a new IT consultant charging top rates you might come across prospects that are asking why your rates are that high. These leads have probably found cheaper rates with moonlighters and others.

Instead of trying to convince clients of your value and having to justify your rates, you should use testimonials from other clients. Ask a trusted client to describe how much value you bring for your rates.

Themes of Testimonials:

1. How your services are cost effective;

2. The professionalism of your staff;

3. Your response time;

4. How trustworthy you are;

5. How you can improve business efficiency;

6. How your services can save companies money.

The Main Idea With Testimonials

Your testimonials should ideally speak to objections from prospects. A testimonial is someone else’s impression of your business and can add authenticity to your overall business message. Securing testimonials needs to be a regular part of your business.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg