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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Subcontracting: What Does it Cost to Recruit Qualified Help?

If you’re part of the IT industry, you need to think about subcontracting. Your ultimate purpose is to offer virtual IT services and make a profit, which entails thinking about all the soft costs.

You need to examine the time involved in recruiting contractors, subcontractors and partners. And when you’re thinking of subcontracting you need to already have enough clients on service agreements. This income from service agreements will give you more time to prepare for planning how to handle subcontracting.

The process of figuring out who to hire as part of subcontracting can take four to eight hours or more per candidate, so you have to be prepared to invest both significant time and effort.


Subcontracting is very similar to hiring an employee for your business. Subcontracting involves the following steps: seeking out subcontractors; determining which are the good candidates for subcontracting; screening established candidates; creating a short list; checking references of contractors that are on your short list; beginning a subcontracting relationship.


Before you decide to use subcontracting as an integral part of your virtual IT business you need time to plan the steps carefully. You can’t just trust anyone to do the job of subcontracting. You need sufficient time to be sure you have a good person to represent your company that will bring in more business.

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