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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why You Need to Make Computer Service Contracts a Year Long

You need to arrange computer service contracts so they are renewable no sooner than each year. Some customers will attempt to get computer service contracts that are less than a year long. These individuals are behaving more like customers than clients, and your goal is to get as many long-term clients as you can.

Selling Computer Service Contracts

If you are selling a client a computer service contract, chances are you’ve already done an IT audit or been there in an emergency. These types of situations are proving ground projects that help build trust. If clients state willingness to work with you on an on-going basis, you should push year-long computer service contracts.

Convincing Clients of Computer Service Contracts

If clients are not convinced of your expertise after one or two projects with you, they will probably not ever sign computer service contracts. Don’t compromise your computer service contract structure by agreeing to something really short term with clients. Instead, you can offer a service agreement that gives them blocks of time at a somewhat discounted rate to try to close the deal.

The Standard Computer Service Contract

A year-long computer service contract is the industry standard. If clients are unsure of a monthly price commitment you can lower the price. While the payout will be lower, you will still get them signed onto a year-long computer service contract and more time to prove how valuable computer service contracts are with your firm.

No Deals with Computer Service Contracts

You shouldn’t make the above types of deals for anything except very small accounts. Customers that fall into the sweet spot category should not be paying less than $1,000 per month for service. You’d be better off locating other leads that will be willing and able to work with your existing computer service contract structure.

Computer service contracts are meant for long-term work. Clients signing onto a computer service contracts are expressing a level of commitment to professional IT support and should not be allowed to comporomise.

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