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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit in Cole Camp, Missourri, USA

The Computer Consulting Kit provides a series of useful best practices that can help computer consultants improve the way they do business and serve customers and clients. Implementing the tested and proven strategies of the Computer Consulting Kit can lead computer consultants to higher and more predictable revenue, better relationships with clients and longevity for their businesses.

The Computer Consulting Kit : Fred Murphy and Compu-Doctors in Cole Camp, Missourri

Fred Murphy, a computer consultant based in Cole Camp, Missouri in the United States has used the ideas of the Computer Consulting Kit to help him move towards a streamlined business model. He reported that last year, with the help of the Computer Consulting Kit he was able to shift away from a simple hourly charging schedule and expand his offerings.

The most significant change in Fred’s business model has been the implementation of service contracts, which have helped him establish more predictable revenue for his business through steady, committed clients. He has used the extensive information on service contracts provided by the Computer Consulting Kit to help make his policies clearer for prospects and clients and attract those that will expect and pay for the high quality computer services he provides.

What Fred Murphy Says About Service Contracts and the Computer Consulting Kit

“By incorporating service contracts, I have been able to easily dove-tail into my annual Disaster Recovery service plan and fold them together into a single package. The Computer Consulting Kit assisted me in thinking ‘out of the box’ beyond a simple hourly charge.

I found that many clients were indeed worried and thinking, ‘How much is this going to cost me this time?’ Now with service contracts on an annual basis I have gained two edges: (1) existing clients have been very receptive to a known price for services – which also includes ‘standard’ service items not necessarily available to them on an hourly schedule; (2) when I am out marketing I have found that prospective businesses are far more open to actually listening to my sales pitch when I mention the benefits of an annual service agreement versus an hourly T & M schedule.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

Fred Murphy and many other computer consultants are using the practical advice offered by the Computer Consulting Kit, including concrete advice about the power of service contracts as an integral part of a strong business model.

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