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Monday, October 17, 2005

How to Get More Revenue from Your Existing Computer Consulting Clients

If you're like most owners of computer consulting businesses, you'd probably like to grow your customer base you can increase your overall revenue.

BUT did you know that there's an even easier way... a MUCH easier way for you to increase your revenue? EVEN without growing your customer base?

It's all about selling more consulting services to your EXISTING customers and clients.

And there are 4 pretty powerful ways to do this, WITHOUT even breaking a sweat. (i.e. This is relatively "easy" stuff that you'd have to be crazy not to fully capitalize on.)

First, put yourself in your clients' shoes and think about what THEIR clients need from them. Yes, as a computer consulting business owner, you need to have good people skills and a certain degree of empathy for your clients' business problems.

But an even more advanced computer consulting business owner doesn't just stop at understanding their clients' business problems. The virtual CIO really digs in and learns about their clients' customers' business problems... one layer down on the value chain.

So for example, if you have a big client that's a commercial property manager, you need to learn about THEIR customers' business problems... namely the business problems of their tenants, their landlords, and their developers.

Second, you need to keep up with advances and new versions. As virtual CIO for your computer consulting clients, your clients depend on your firm to advise them on what tools can better help their businesses grow. So while you can't allow this R&D and training to consume and devour all of your scarce weekly schedule, you DO need to stay a few steps ahead of your clients' IT needs at all times.

Third, you need to summarize and share your takeaways from your R&D and training with your clients.

The essence of your R&D and training should focus on one major objective: will this new platform or tool add value to your computer consulting clients' existing or future installations?

Then once it's passed that essential "acid" test, the real concern is how you can best summarize this information, in layperson language that non-technical clients can understand and use as the basis for big-picture business/IT strategy decisions.

Fourth and finally, if you want to get more revenue from your existing clients, you need to know where YOU are going at all times. Drifting aimlessly will only lead to failure.

So you need a rock-solid way of CONSISTENTLY generating HIGHLY-targeted leads... that have the best possible chance of becoming your firm's next steady, high-paying clients.

You need a concise, effective way to quickly qualify these leads... so you don't waste your precious time on wild goose chases.

You need to know how to structure and control the entire pre-sales process... so you can rapidly move this new prospect from free to FEE (and so you don't get taken advantage of by cheapskates, ingrates and deadbeats).

You need to make sure that your first proving ground projects with new customers are leading you directly down the path to more steady, high-paying clients.

Then finally, you need to understand how to transition those new customers into steady, high-paying clients for life on highly-lucrative monthly service contracts.

If any of these crucial steps breaks down along the way, it's GAME OVER. And because the stakes are so high and so worthwhile, you can't afford to let that happen.

And that's the reason why there are so many field-tested, PROVEN tutorials, best practices, checklists, forms, templates, and worksheets in the Computer Consulting Kit to help you get MORE of these steady, high-paying clients at

Because it's not just a matter of getting customers... it's a matter of getting the RIGHT customers... that will be most receptive to becoming YOUR firms' next steady, high-paying clients, just like these computer consultants have.

"Being a typical cynical IT business owner, I was doubtful that any program could help us solve our various IT sales and marketing challenges. However, I still read Joshua Feinberg's basic prospecting report. And just by reading this report, I realized that Mr. Feinberg knew exactly what he was talking about. I then went on to order his complete Computer Consulting Kit. We immediately put it into action at our company. Within 10 days, we already have a noticeable difference in our business. Now I will even go on record to say that this package paid for itself in just one day."

- George Baldonado, President & CEO, Oasis Technology, Inc. Camarillo, California

"Dear Joshua, The Computer Consulting Kit has turned my reseller/consulting business, with the emphasis on 'reseller', into much more of a consultative approach... where we actually get 'paid' to pick the products, which we then 'sell' to the customer... in addition to being 'paid' to develop and supply a service agreement, with even more revenue. The Computer Consulting Kit has turned a losing proposition into a serious winner! Thanks,"

- Walter M. Erla, WME Information Systems, Wayne, New Jersey

"Dear Joshua, The Computer Consulting Kit has helped us realize we have no real business value unless we have recurring revenue. Just the idea of catering to Sweet Spot
Clients(tm) was worth the entire price of the Computer Consulting Kit."

- Spencer Smith, Xavier Technologies, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"Dear Joshua, Since getting the Computer Consulting Kit, we have changed our focus from one-shot-deal, sub-$200-clients to contract-only clients. We can now forecast, budget, and grow at a steady pace. And we are no longer on the downward death spiral (that we'd been on before we got the Computer Consulting Kit)!"

- Joe Timmons, PC Help Express, Mount Sterling, Ohio

"I've heard business and marketing advice from quite a few different people who say they know what's best for a company like mine. The reality though, is that someone like Joshua who has 'been there and done that' is really the only one who knows what the problems are for a business like mine. Joshua never disappoints."

- Jeffrey Sherman, Warever Computing (est'd 1989), Los Angeles, California

"The Computer Consulting Kit is a great jump start to a professional image and gives very clear, concise guidance on what to put in place in order to attract clientele seeking routine computer consulting services."

- Thomas L. Forrester, Red Pepr Computing Solutions, Middleton, Wisconsin

"Dear Joshua, One year ago, I bought the Computer Consulting Kit and started swinging my customers to a monthly model. I often quote you when I say professionals need to charge enough to be here every day and that justifies the price. Now a year later, I do zero hourly work. Every one is under contract. I started in 1989, and my life now is better than
it ever was! Thanks,"

- Derek Anderson, Rocky Mountain Data Networks (est'd 1989), Lakewood, Colorado

"Joshua, the Computer Consulting Kit has helped me become better focused... and better able to provide pertinent information to my potential clients."

- David Dutton, LRD Systems Ltd, Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom

"Hi Joshua, Your Computer Consulting Kit really jump-started our thought process. We had already decided we needed monthly service agreements, but were struggling on how to convince clients why they needed them. Then we got your blueprint of a service agreement and the concept of how to market them from the Computer Consulting Kit. It was like a weight being lifted off our shoulders. The Computer Consulting Kit probably saved us close to a year of trying to figure these things out on our own.

- Scott Beck, BeckTek Computer Consulting, Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada

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Best wishes,

Joshua Feinberg

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