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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IT Audits: A Sample Client Questionnaire

Small business IT audits are incredibly important to your computer consulting business. Not only are they typically the first paid services you provide for new customers, but they are the gateway to determining if your customers will make good long-term clients.

Many new computer consultants might feel overwhelmed by the process of IT audits. Which questions do you need to ask and answer to get the most thorough picture of what assets your new customers have? How can you make sure you don’t miss anything so you can come up with the best long-term solution?

The sample client IT audits questionnaire template from the Computer Consulting Kit helps you quickly and efficiently pull together key IT asset information and gives you a MUCH clearer picture of what your new customer currently has and what he/she is missing so you can figure out which tasks need to be done right away and close much larger and more profitable sales.

This template gives you a logical way to survey shortcomings, potential problems and accidents that are waiting to happen so you can start new relationships off on the right foot with your IT audits.

To learn more about IT audits and ways to streamline other important elements of your computer consulting business, visit the attached link, where you can find additional information on other templates you can enjoy by signing up for the Computer Consulting Kit.

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