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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IT Marketing: Learn More about Marketing in Tough Economic Times with Audio Training Seminars

Whether you live in the United States … or any other part of the world, you know we are living in a time when the economy is less than predictable and IT marketing can be difficult when people are unsure about investing. If you are running your own IT business, you need to be able to plant the seeds for your future business development activities no matter WHAT the state of the economy.

Now more than ever you CANNOT afford to procrastinate finding more clients with a well-crafted IT marketing plan if you are serious about growing your business. That’s why the Computer Consulting Kit offers an information-packed audio training seminar to help you with your lead generation activities with over a dozen field-tested, low-cost, high-impact techniques that can help you find great clients even when times are tough.

IT Marketing Tips You Will Learn:

1. How to get more word-of-mouth referrals … even if you have been out of touch with contacts for months and YEARS;

2. How to find the huge service revenue opportunities that are around you on a daily basis;

3. Why preparing IT marketing materials the right way will help you boost the number of prospects you can turn into great clients;

4. How you can avoid making rookie mistakes during sales calls;

5. Where you can get much, MUCH more help with your IT marketing campaign.

To learn more about this IT marketing audio training opportunity, visit the attached link!

Submitted By: Computer Consulting Kit