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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Promote Your Computer Consulting Company with Newspaper Column

I came across a great example of a computer consulting company using a newspaper column to establish credibility and get their name out there in the local community… a lot like I talk about in my Computer Consulting Marketing #901 program (How to Market Your Computer Consulting Business Without Breaking the Bank)

From the link on the title of this post, you can see this example in the Punta Gorda Herald of how your computer consulting company can use a local newspaper column.

Notice the final paragraph includes the computer consulting owner’s phone number and e-mail address.

I only have 2 suggestions on how to make that bio paragraph at article’s end even more powerful:

1) Never use a free e-mail account (like Hotmail or Yahoo!) for business purposes. Get your own company’s domain name and e-mail so you spend your marketing time and dollars promoting YOUR company… not Microsoft or Yahoo!

2) Why just ask people to call you if they need a “house call” right now?!? This limits your response to prospects with a pressing issue right now. Why not encourage a MUCH bigger percentage of people to call so they can get a copy of your report on the “Top 5 Secrets to ______” (fill in the blank with a timely topic)… and get on YOUR mailing list so you can follow-up.

Posted by Joshua Feinberg for the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (tm)