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Friday, November 04, 2005

For Smart Computer Consultants Only

Lots of computer consultants are totally clueless when it comes to marketing, sales, managing big projects and recurring service revenue.

The silver lining for you? You can use and exploit that very common computer consultant weakness to YOUR distinct advantage… IF you know what you’re doing.

Smart computer consultants know that sharp technical skills alone are nowhere near enough to build a successful, stable computer consultant business.

And that’s the reason why your computer consultant business should really pay close attention to the kind of tips, tactics, strategies, methodologies, and business secrets that you’ll learn in this free training session. What free training session you ask?

The free computer consultants training where you’ll discover how thousands of computer consultants, from all over the globe, get more steady, high-paying clients.

And by all means listen to these computer consultants tips now, before your competitors get to them first!

Posted by Joshua Feinberg of the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (tm)