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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Good IT Consultant Makes Sure There Are Spare Parts Around

Most IT consultants know that PC vendors typically include inexpensive products like a mouse as part of a regular warranty. But because your clients can buy a mouse for just $10 or $30, waiting for a day or more to get this item from a PC vendor and being without it during this time may not be worth it.

Spare Parts Are Important for Clients

If your clients keep spare mice around, warranty claims can be delayed until there is more time to deal with them. As a responsible IT consultant, you have managed to help a client eliminate downtime.

As an IT consultant, you can also keep an extra keyboard or monitor at the site. These items are inexpensive when compared to the cost of lost productivity and the wait for items to get there.

Extra Desktops

The price of basic desktop PCs has decreased greatly in the past few years as has the tolerance for downtime with small businesses. As an IT consultant, you can advise clients to purchase a fully-configured entry-level desktop PC for $600 or so, so they never risk losing a lot if a computer goes down.

Be a Smart Advisor for Clients

You are your clients’ IT consultant and should recommend smart investments on spare parts and a full desktop PC. If they have extra parts on-hand, they can handle warranty claims at convenient times rather than during emergencies. And if they have fewer emergencies because they have spare parts, they can save money on your IT consultant emergency rate premiums.

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