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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where Do Sweet Spot Small Businesses Get Their IT Support?

The definition of sweet spot small businesses is basically businesses that have between ten and 50 PCs and have between $1 million and $10 million in annual revenue. But where to sweet spot small businesses get their IT support?

Typically businesses in the sweet spot have internal gurus – people within the businesses that know slightly more about PCs than others. They are usually the first people to respond to IT support issues.

Internal Gurus Have More Important Jobs

Dealing with IT support issues is not an internal guru’s primary function. However, people within the business typically yell at him/her when something goes wrong, whether it’s a jammed laser printer, corrupted accounting software or a failed Internet connection. And internal gurus are expected to leave their more important jobs as office managers, admin people, comptrollers, bookkeepers, etc. in order to deal with the IT support issue.

Some positions within a sweet spot small business make for better gurus than others. When you are looking to help small businesses, these are the people you will have to befriend to get involved. Sweet spot small businesses still love their internal gurus, and often love moonlighting IT professionals when it comes to getting IT support.

Where Else Do Sweet Spot Businesses Get IT Support?

Often small businesses will work with valuated resellers, VARs, solution providers, network integrators, professional full-time consultants and small consulting firms. They also may work with ISV independent software vendors. Niche ISV’s become incredibly important when small businesses are in need of specific types of software support in different industries.

Many times small businesses will get IT support from accounting firms that combine IT support with accounting support. While these firms can help you with referrals, they can also be your competitors for providing IT support.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg