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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Being an IT Specialist Means Branding Your Company

When you are an IT specialist, you can set yourself apart from the crowd of other consultants by branding your company. You want to sell your company name by adding an industry-specific twist.

You don’t need to advertise certifications and vendor logos as an IT specialist, because this practice will make you into just a product. These items can be a part of background information and a discussion point, but you don’t want to lead with them. Talk about the value and benefits you can bring to small businesses.

You Can Meet Unfulfilled Needs

Setting yourself apart as an IT specialist also means finding an underserved local niche and really taking it. Just ask around to find one that works for you.

Your Industry “Twist”

When you are at chamber meetings or other networking meetings and talking to prospects or at B2B expos, keep your eye out for a big problem that no one is solving. If you can think of a solution to a previously unresolved problem and there are enough people in the area that need that solution, you can make yourself stand out as an IT specialist.

Don’t Expect Your Clients to Agree about Problems

You don’t want to sell solutions to problems people don’t realize they have. You need prospects to understand the issue you are bringing up, or they will not be interested in buying the solution.

What is Your Competition?

You also have to know your local competition in order to be a successful IT specialist. Study your biggest five competitors by looking at their Web sites and brochures to see what they are doing. If they all look the same, you can probably figure out how to make yourself different as an IT specialist.

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