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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Computer Consulting: Identify Prospects

You need to look for signals when you are first talking to sweet spot computer consulting leads. These businesses will be doing a seven-figure annual sales volume with 10-25 employees. But how do you pick the best clients from this group?

Computer Consulting and Good and Bad Signs

Some industries are more focused on IT than others, and you have to figure out the industries that will most likely need your computer consulting services. What are the good signs and the bad signs?

A good sign is if you go to meet with a prospective computer consulting client and find out the person is working with another solution provider in your area already. This means the person is dissatisfied with current services and looking for someone new and also willing and able to pay for services.

A bad sign is if the prospect is working with a moonlighting computer consulting or a “free” friend or family member. This means the business is not ready or willing OR able to pay for professional services and any quote you give will seem high and unreasonable.

Sweet Spot Clients Hang out Together

Sweet spot computer consulting clients willing to spend $1,000 - $2,000 per month on services will have relationships with other business advisors within your community: accountants; attorneys; management consultants. Sometimes they will be working already with niched technology providers. This will help you with referrals to their contacts.

Learn to spot the qualities of a sweet spot computer consulting client to save yourself time and more quickly turn prospects into clients.

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