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Friday, December 28, 2007

Sell IT Consulting Services Instead of Products

In order to be successful with your IT consulting business you need to sell services rather than products. When you are starting an IT consulting business, you can’t afford to be a reseller or a dealer for someone else.

If you think selling some products will be helpful to your business, you can add them as part of your business … but you cannot make them the focus. Your IT consulting business is about services and real business solutions.

The second you align yourself with a specific product dealer and publicize it on your Web site and on all your business materials, you become a non-salaried employee for that company and most likely a commodity to your prospects, customers and clients.

IT Consulting: An Example

For example, if you are working in the medical field, which is your software vendor? You need to figure out if the medical field is really your IT consulting niche before you choose it. Do you have expertise in this area? Do you have paying clients?

If you are working full time in a niche currently and providing PC support for someone that makes medical practice management software, it makes sense to continue to focus on this area. Chances are you have a great deal of knowledge and credibility already.

Get Experience in Your Niche of IT Consulting

If you are just starting from scratch with IT consulting, you need to get experience in your niche before you make any huge investments with vendors or products. You should get some clients or a part-time job that helps you work in your chosen area before you start building your entire business around it.

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