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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Challenge Your Computer Repair Business Staff

You should encourage your computer repair business staff to constantly improve themselves and learn about more complex solutions. Higher-end solutions are going to be worth more per hour. Most of your computer repair business staff will already know how to set up small LANs, do troubleshooting duty and basic cleanup jobs and desktop rollouts. But you need to encourage and challenge them by booking up some of their time to work on more sophisticated, long-term projects.

It’s about Professional Gratification

When you put your staff on more advanced projects, its members will get more professional gratification. Those with technical minds and a love for technology like to work on tech projects that are challenging and test their knowledge. Your computer repair business staff will get incredibly frustrated working on simple, repetitive tasks day in, day out.

If you Challenge People, They Will Stay with You!

When your computer repair business staff is experiencing gratification working at their technical peak and getting more challenges with each project, you will have a better chance at keeping their interest for the long haul. When you keep technical staff working on projects beneath their knowledge, you might start losing them to competitors.

Try Sophisticated Networking Projects for Longer-Term Client Relationships

When your computer repair business staff is able to take responsibility for creating long-term client relationships, its members will be much more gratified. Staff members will get to work with clients over a period of time and get to know clients very well. They get to be actively involved in building the relationships that sustain your computer repair business. They get attached and if they are loyal can be a great asset to your company.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg