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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Computer Repair Industry: What Are Your Responsibilities?

You have a lot of different responsibilities when working with clients in the computer repair industry. Which should you include as part of your services?

Coordinate Telecommunications

When working with sweet spot clients in the computer repair industry, you will most likely be working with the local telephone company, whether a CLEC or ILEC in order to get a leased line for your clients. You will have to research which connections you need to use and probably even dial-up networking recommendations. You may also have to work on tech support with ISPs.

The Computer Repair Industry and Testing

Your firm will probably end up working with vertical industry applications. You might bring these in or else just test the application out for your clients before they make the final investment. Your client will want your firm, as part of the computer repair industry to figure out how to fit in vertical applications with a network.

Train the Guru and Other Users

Your firm, as a representative of the computer repair industry will have to be involved in training (even if you don’t like it!). You may do some formal end-user training where you take small groups aside to teach about a new application. You might also engage in more informal training with the internal guru (the person within a small business that everyone comes to with questions). The guru can then train others on more routine aspects of applications.

There Will Be Some Disasters

When you work in the computer repair industry, you will be involved in disaster recovery planning, testing out data backup systems, antivirus software, power protection and general security. You also need to engage in proactive maintenance.

The Computer Repair Industry and Responsibilities

You will have the most value to your customers when you exhibit excellent problem-solving and strategic-planning skills. You need to be able to deal with clients’ IT needs, put them down on paper, organize solutions and figure out which need to be done right away and which can wait until later.

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