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Sunday, March 30, 2008

IT Marketing and Participating in Organizations

Personal referrals are really powerful tools when it comes to IT marketing because they are pre-sold; they already trust you. When you are building an IT marketing campaign for your computer consulting business you need to know that trust is incredibly important.

How Important is Trust to Computer Consulting?

People will use similar techniques to look for computer consultants that they will use to find a good dentist, attorney, accountant or internist. Some people might go to the Yellow Pages or look in coupon packs or on billboards, but most people will put a lot of weight on word of mouth referrals from people they trust when it comes to choosing key people to advise them on important health, business or financial matters.

You Need to Be Known in Your Community with IT Marketing

You can reach decision makers in small businesses by increasing your personal and business profile in your local community with your target market. This will take some time, but is very possible.

Networking is an important IT marketing strategy that can make or break the success of a computer consulting firm, and it is all about relationships. Your business is a people business … not simply a tech business. It’s about interpersonal skills and trust.

How Do You Get MORE Recommendations with IT Marketing?

Many computer consultants wonder how they can get more personal recommendations. The answer is in knowing more people. You need to join organizations and attend events regularly. Don’t go to every single event – every networking breakfast, luncheon, business after-hours function, etc. – but you have to be ACTIVE and go to many functions throughout the year in order to meet a lot of people and get great referrals that will boost your IT marketing campaign and lead to more long-term clients.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg