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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Computer Consulting 101 Advice on Desktop Hardware Spares

As the price of entry-level desktop PC hardware has plummeted and expectations for zero downtime have risen, at Computer Consulting 101 we’ve also seen small businesses purchasing an extra PC, to keep fully-configured and ready to plug in on a moment’s notice.

In the old days of expensive PC hardware, small businesses used to routinely spend $100 to upgrade their warranty from one year to three years on-site coverage.

But today, if your standard, fully-configured entry-level desktop PC only costs around $500-$600, an office with as few as six PCs can fully fund the purchase of a spare desktop PC, simply by self-insuring on the warranty coverage for years two and three. At the same time, consider how much the $600 desktop PC really is worth on paper (after depreciation) following years one and two.

And you know the really cool part that we’ve found about this at Computer Consulting 101? When you help your consulting clients preserve their IT budgets for projects that matter, and avoid wasting it on stupid crap, you free up their IT budget for more meaningful IT investments that bring real return-on-investment for them… and make it easy for you to justify getting paid premium hourly billing rates.

Which adds more high-margin dollars to your bottom line!

Respectfully submitted by Computer Consulting 101