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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Computer Consulting 101 on Spare Mice, Keyboards, and Monitors

Consider a basic mouse, for example. Most hardware vendors would be happy to cover such an inexpensive item under the standard warranty. However, given that you could purchase a spare replacement mouse for about $10 to $30, is it really worth one of your clients’ employees being without a mouse, or worse yet without a PC, for a day or two while they await the cross-shipped replacement part under their hardware warranty coverage?

Now your computer consulting clients still may want to pursue getting the broken mouse replaced under warranty coverage. But they you have a spare mouse on hand, at least the warranty claim can be deferred a few days, or a few weeks, until time permits. In the interim, you as their smart computer consulting vendor has mitigated the downtime for a very nominal advanced planning expense.

Similarly, keeping a spare keyboard and monitor at your office makes sense for us at Computer Consulting 101. Again, the cost of these items is very inexpensive relative to the potential productivity loss while your clients are waiting for replacement parts to arrive. These three external items also have a unique appeal: They can all be installed rapidly by a PC beginner, without going near the innards of the PC… and without waiting for an on-site visit from their computer consulting vendor.

Respectfully submitted by Computer Consulting 101