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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Computer Repair Business Secrets

Does your computer repair business often struggle to smooth out its revenue patterns?

Is your computer repair business subject to crazy “feast” or “famine” workload and revenue swings? …where one week your computer repair business is going like gangbusters… and the next week your techs are sitting around doing “nothing” and playing video games (on YOUR nickel)?!?

There IS a better way for most computer repair businesses to operate… as long as they can be open enough to change with the times.

It’s all about getting more steady computer services and consulting clients for your computer repair business.

In essence, this may force you to upgrade the skill sets of many of your techs. However, in the end, you’ll wind up with a much more stable, predictable, and profitable computer repair business.

Isn’t it time that YOU discovered how thousands of computer repair businesses like yours get more STEADY, high-paying consulting clients for their computer repair businesses?!?

Submitted on behalf of Joshua Feinberg of the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (tm)