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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

For Smart Computer Security Consulting Firms Only!

Do you do Computer Security Consulting? Are you content, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with your current revenue and profits? Are you reasonably confident that your Computer Security Consulting revenue can continue at this level for the duration?

If you’re like most owners of Computer Security Consulting firms, you probably stay up needs worrying about how you’ll keep up with the newest security vulnerabilities, hacker exploits, and intrusion detection systems.

HOWEVER, if you want to be smarter than your peers and competitors in the Computer Security Consulting business, you should be thinking also about the profitability, predictability, and stability of your consulting revenue… so that you’re not caught off guard with unpleasant business financial surprises.

If you’re really serious about working smarter in the Computer Security Consulting business, you need to discover how thousands of Computer Security Consulting firms, from all over the world, get more steady, high-paying consulting clients for their Computer Security Consulting businesses.

Updated by Joshua Feinberg for the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (tm)