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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Sales Call or a Free Initial Consultation?

There’s nothing more frustrating to computer consultants than the idea that their expertise and time is being abused by freeloaders… with no intention of ever hiring your firm for anything more than a sales call or a free initial consultation.

After all, in the consulting business, your time truly is your inventory. So when your time is stolen away from you by cheapskates, ingrates, deadbeats and time vampires, it’s almost as if that time is being shoplifted away from your company.

To overcome this problem, you MUST get good at the sale call and initial consultation process. It’s not enough to just rely on the “generosity” of your prospects and future clients to decide when “free” stops and the meter should start running. That distinction is YOUR job… and to do so you MUST master the sale call and initial consultation process.

Need help with your sales calls or initial consultations? So your generosity isn’t abused and your time stolen away? Discover how thousands of computer consulting firms, get more steady, high-paying consulting clients by mastering the sales call or initial consultation process.

Contributed by Joshua Feinberg, publisher of the Computer Consulting Kit (tm)