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Friday, December 02, 2005

For Value Added Resellers (VARs) Only

Do you own or manage a value added reseller (VAR) business?

In the 1990’s, lots of computer resellers thrived as valued added resellers, or VARs as its often abbreviated. However, today the comfy profit margins on sales of most hardware, software, and peripherals items are largely a distant memory. Today these profit margins can be more accurately described as anemic or anorexic.

So what’s a value added reseller (VAR) business to do to survive?

Real simple… move up the value-chain to a true computer services provider… one that actively and selectively goes after the best, steady, high-paying consulting clients in its local market.

To be a successful, profitable, and stable value added reseller, you can’t afford to wait for the phone to ring. You MUST be very proactive in your marketing and business development activities.

Anything short of this could very easily DOOM your value added reseller (VAR) business to obsolescence, extinction, and insolvency.

Discover how thousands of value added reseller businesses (VARs) and consulting firms, from all over the world, get more steady, high-paying consulting clients for their value added reseller businesses.

Subject: Value Added Reseller (VAR) Business Tips

Posted by Joshua Feinberg for Computer Consulting 101