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Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Microsoft Small Business Server Flaw is No HOAX

In other Microsoft Small Business Server news this week, several hundred solicitors (lawyers) in Dublin, Ireland experienced some major e-mail downtime because of some improperly configured Small Business Server settings.

A solicitor replied to an e-mail, sent by a local publishing company, and inadvertently triggered a chain reaction that caused the solicitor’s Small Business Server to e-mail the reply to the entire database… literally tens of thousands of times.

According to the solution provider’s news release, “over 500,000 emails clogged up the inbox’s of the solicitors, crashing mail servers, as well as causing huge embarrassment to these firms.” (source: Enclave Technologies)

The solution provider Enclave Technologies installed some necessary patches to correct the problem But overall, this is a HUGE reminder of just how important it is for you to help your clients stay CONSTANTLY vigilant over patching Microsoft Small Business Server systems for ANY vulnerabilities. Stay on your toes!