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Monday, December 19, 2005

Joshua Feinberg, Computer Consulting 101 co-founder backgrounder

Want to learn more about Joshua Feinberg, co-founder of Computer Consulting 101?

There’s a pretty comprehensive backgrounder on the brains behind Computer Consulting 101 on the Family Business Strategies Web site.

For example the backgrounder answers:

  • How Joshua Feinberg got his start training other computer consulting business owners
  • Which magazine publisher told Joshua Feinberg that advertisers won’t support articles and more generally content focused on small business computer consulting, small business computer resellers, and small business solution providers
  • Why Microsoft stepped in to support Joshua Feinberg’s editorial message and why they later backed off those efforts
  • How Joshua Feinberg and Computer Consulting 101 stepped up to the plate at a time when big magazine publishers and software vendors were retreating in a panic after the tech bubble burst and 9/11
  • Where Joshua Feinberg’s Computer Consulting 101 training resources are in use
  • And much, much more