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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit in Frankston, Victoria, Australia

The Computer Consulting Kit has helped many in the IT industry get their businesses off the ground by providing tips and resources that can help organize any business plan to get more leads, better clients and improve revenue.

Computer consultants throughout the world have found that the marketing and sales techniques outlined in the Computer Consulting Kit has helped them to choose the best leads and even better clients during all phases of their businesses. With information about what IT consultants need during start-up and important tips about critical components of business such as service contracts, sales letters and time management techniques, the Computer Consulting Kit is a premier resource.

The Computer Consulting Kit: John Braakhuis, Computer Troubleshooters and Start-Up Secrets

John Braakhuis of Frankston, Victoria, Australia has been in business for himself with his own franchise for just a few months. With the help of the Computer Consulting Kit he has already managed to earn his first strong small business client on a service contract. The tips he took from the Computer Consulting Kit also taught him how to best market his business to targeted leads:

“I just started a new business in October 2006. I have a franchise with the Computer Troubleshooters Group and my aim is to focus on small businesses of three employees and up and then grow from there.

My biggest single accomplishment was my first business client. I provided the complete service including supplying new PC's, reconnecting their network, re-organising their e-mail hosting and supplying a reliable back-up service. The best thing was selling them a monthly service plan and having no resistance from them when doing this.

The best part of the Computer Consulting Kit was the emphasis on hot and warm leads; has definitely been my main source of income during the start-up phase.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

In just a few short months, John has been able to find better marketing techniques to sell service contracts and his unique solutions to businesses that can benefit. With the help of the Computer Consulting Kit he recognized that traditional mass-market advertising did not work for him and was able to correct a mistake that without guidance might have meant a real challenge for his business and potential loss.

Computer consultants looking for the best start-up tips and best practices in all areas of their businesses can turn to the information in the Computer Consulting Kit along with a variety of free resources and tips at the provided url.

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