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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit in Elkins, West Virginia

Many computer consultants are unlocking the potential of their businesses by using the best practices and tools outlined in the Computer Consulting Kit. With templates to make elements of an IT service business like administrative duties, service contracts and IT marketing letters and campaigns simpler and more efficient, the Computer Consulting Kit is a premier resource for computer consultants throughout the world looking to grow their business and attract high-paying, long-term clients to sustain them for the long term.

The Computer Consulting Kit: Mike Gallogly and Mi-Tec Computer Solutions

Project management can be a tricky element to master at the beginning of the life of a computer consulting business. The Computer Consulting Kit provides useful tools to help those consultants with limited help increase their client base while still delivering the best service to existing clients when they just have themselves to run all aspects of their business.

Mike Gallogly is a computer consultant based in Elkins, West Virginia that just started his business within the last year. He started Mi-Tec Computer Solutions with very little in savings and was initially concerned about how he would be able to pay himself and manage subcontractors and client accounts while drumming up new business in a small town. The Computer Consulting Kit helped ground him and give him the reinforcement he needed to keep going.

What Mike Gallogly Has to Say About the Computer Consulting Kit:

“I've launched my consulting business this year and have been in operation for 9 months. With $2,000 in savings and a list of contacts the business has grown steadily and is able to pay my salary, rent, inventory, insurance and provide work for three other subcontractors. This is all done in a small town of 8,500 people nestled in the mountains of West Virginia.

Thanks to the Computer Consulting Kit, I have two of my 35 new customers on contract. At the end of this year, I plan to analyze each of my customers and get the larger ones on contract as well. I needed to get some idea of what they were willing to spend, what they have spent with me this year and future projects to come up with a monthly figure that works for both of us. The forms included were worth the money.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

The Computer Consulting Kit has helped Mike Gallogly and other computer consultants just like him organize their businesses. With helpful templates, tips and detailed plans for IT and computer consultants, the Computer Consulting Kit can help build the competitive edge necessary to succeed for any business.

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