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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Customer Service: How to Give Your Clients the Best

One of your most important daily goals is providing the best customer service to your clients. Companies with long lives have survived so long because they are known for giving the best customer service.

Tips for Delivering the Best Customer Service to Clients

1. Long-term clients are like a business family, and the relationship you have with them should be similar to a relationship with a friend or a family member. Stay on the best terms with long-term clients to give the best customer service.

2. When it comes to services, under promise and over deliver. You should also be good at figuring out what your clients need without having to ask.

3. Keep careful track of your work with checklists and notes for each client. This is a low-cost way to jog your memory about clients and add a personal touch as part of a customer service plan.

4. When working on systems in the absence of the internal guru or the main decision maker for the client, make sure to leave a summary note of your accomplishments. Make yourself available to speak to this person over the phone about what you did and make this known to deliver the best customer service.

5. When you complete a major upgrade, you should make a follow-up phone call or an actual visit to show you care about your work and your client. This amount of conscientiousness is at the heart of excellent customer service.

6. Customer service is not always about the actual service you deliver. You should show up with cookies, donuts, bagels or some other offering occasionally for no special reason to build a relationship with clients.

The Big Idea About Customer Service

Great customer service is not too hard to deliver. Spend more time with clients and on your work to make yourself stand out and build relationships.

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