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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Computer Consulting Kit: Service Agreements in Placerville, California

The Computer Consulting Kit has helped computer consultants understand the important business principles necessary to manage an IT services company. Computer consultants throughout the world have taken away important tips about marketing, sales, administrative operations and working with clients that have helped them grow their businesses.

The Computer Consulting Kit and the Importance of Service Agreements: Tony Snider of RTS Computer Services

Service agreements are an essential part of any computer consulting business and can help build long-term relationships with benefits for both clients and IT professionals. The Computer Consulting Kit provides important information about service agreements, including advice on how to structure the agreements and sample templates.

Tony Snider owns an IT services business, RTS Computer Services in Placerville, California. He has used the Computer Consulting Kit as a guide to constructing valuable service contracts and build relationships with clients.

“I signed up my largest client for a $2,275 per month service agreement. This made billing much easier, as I am there every week and keeping track of all parts and labor was a real chore. I was able to gain $30,000 in revenue thanks to ideas in the Computer Consulting Kit. Now we just invoice the same amount every month and only need to track the special projects and materials used at the site.”

The Computer Consulting Kit: Asking for Service Agreements

Like many other computer consultants, Tony found the process of asking clients to sign service agreements initially challenging. By sticking to the strategies of the Computer Consulting Kit, he was able to organize his marketing and sales techniques and open up the door to the Service Agreements model of doing business.

“The Computer Consulting Kit gave me the courage to ask for the agreement. I had been thinking about signing an agreement for years, but finally got up the nerve to ask the owner if he'd be interested in signing up for on-going support to simplify the accounting and also to solidify the relationship commitment.”

The Bottom Line About the Computer Consulting Kit

Tony Snider used the ideas in the Computer Consulting Kit to help with his service agreements and gain long-term, high-paying clients and increased revenue. He signed his fourth service agreement on January 1, 2007. Join Tony and other computer consultants that use the Computer Consulting Kit to help expand their businesses.

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