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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Using the Computer Consulting Kit: XL PCWIZZ Consultants in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

The Computer Consulting Kit is used worldwide by IT professionals that want to implement the best practices of business into the daily work they do with their small business computer consulting companies. The Computer Consulting Kit provides tangible tools such as templates for service contracts and rates structures as well as tested and proven rules and strategies for IT marketing and sales and time management.

The Computer Consulting Kit is a guide to any computer consultant that is looking to increase revenue, add value to their services and build important relationships that will sustain them through all levels of their business – from start-up to mature IT services company.

The Computer Consulting Kit: Peter Herrington of Cape Town and the Importance of Referrals and References

Referrals and references are some of the most important IT marketing strategies that any computer consultant can employ. Having positive references from trustworthy business people within the community can help build trust and a good reputation for a computer consultant. Good referrals and references can lead to even better clients.

Peter Herrington, owner of XL PCWIZZ Consultants in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa has learned the importance of referrals and organized, targeted references through practice and the advice of the Computer Consulting Kit. Peter has had quite a few big customers for several years, but he had previously not asked them for references. By asking long-term, satisfied clients for structured, positive references, he was able to communicate confidence in his services to the community and gain a higher profile in the community along with a more trustworthy reputation.

“In 2006 I finally got around to getting my big customers to give me a references. I also changed my company name to reflect the consulting aspect of my business. The Computer Consulting Kit helped me ask my long-standing customers for references and realize I was thinking too small and felt insecure about my skills. Changing my company name has helped me to be more focused to look at how I generate revenue.”

The Computer Consulting Kit: Focus Services and Get More References

Peter Herrington unlocked new potential for his business by asking long-term clients for references and refining his brand to target and secure better clients for his business. With help from the Computer Consulting Kit, consultants worldwide can achieve the same results and get the competitive edge they need to stay in business profitably for the long haul.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg