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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Use Testimonials and Other Tools for Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections in order to get to IT audits with customers and clients can be challenging, particularly when you are managing tasks that involve price. The two best ways for overcoming objections are testimonials and references, but there are many other tools as well.

Overcoming Objections with Testimonials

Sharing testimonials from well-respected business owners are a great way to overcome price objections. Testimonials that discuss the value of IT audits are the best. If you can get a case study from a client that discusses ways you recommended solutions over a long period of time, you can earn points with customers.

The most important thing to do to help with overcoming objections is to present tangible benefits, particularly those related to IT audits.

Alternative Techniques for Overcoming Objections

1. Ask prospects to call some of your reference accounts.

2. Sell IT audits as fixed-price entities, and not by the hour. This will help with your risk of losing income and also help clients not feel that their time is running out or limited.

3. Apply the cost of the IT audit to additional work you can do for them, including installation, upgrades or even a service agreement. Make this offer available for a limited time.

Overcoming objections that have to do with price can be accomplished with the help of satisfied clients. New contacts that hear about tangible benefits you’ve offered in the past are less resistant to IT audits.

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