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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What are the Benefits of Business Partnerships?

There are two main reasons for business partnerships: to fill a gap in skills; to add to a marketing campaign by giving you access to other professionals’ clients and increase your own client base. Business partnerships go both ways, so you have to make sure you are focusing on benefits to you and the partner.

There are four stages for analyzing all business partnerships:

Categorize Your Business Partnerships by Type

You should categorize the types of business partnerships with the following labels: accounting software experts (QuickBooks, Great Plains, etc.); Apple Macintosh specialists; CRM specialists; document imaging; legacy host systems; niche software experts (healthcare, hospitality, etc.); security experts; software developers; building of systems; wholesalers and distributors.

Identify Any Specialty Skills

You need to list what virtual IT products you are looking for with business partnerships and figure out which skills gap your potential partners fill. You can use this process as an opportunity to qualify the specialty skills a business partner should have to meet your clients’ needs.

Look at the Marketing Value

This step involves listing the kinds of clients that would be handled by potential business partnerships. Then you can describe the value you will get from business partnerships that give you access to clients. While you are examining these ideas, figure out how man of these potential business partnerships would bring you sweet spot clients.

Finding Business Partnerships

Next you should list the types of organizations potential business partners join and plan out conferences and news groups that you can attend to find potential business partnerships. After you start meeting decision makers you can unlock the many benefits of business partnerships.

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