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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Understand and Go Beyond Customer Expectations

You have to meet customer expectations if you want your business to flourish and be profitable. Clients will have high expectations and possibly little patience for anything beneath their concept of perfect. Meet customer expectations and exceed them by defining each client’s idea of “perfect” service.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Define customer expectations at the beginning of a relationship. This process can be a challenge, and there is no guidebook to follow; you just have to try everything you can think of until something works.

You can learn customer expectations by asking clients directly. However, this might present problems because most of your clients will not have consulting backgrounds and will not be used to talking to professionals about their specific needs. You will need to help them talk openly about how they look at meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

New computer consultants often think any customer expectations conversations shouldn’t be had until the lead is a paying customer. However, you have to start the process before leads become clients in order to understand right at the onset whether you will be able to exceed customer expectations using your particular skills, knowledge and talents.

Understanding Customer Expectations

You need to understand customer expectations if you want to live up to them and go beyond them. Ask prospects to define customer expectations before entering into a relationship.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg