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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Practical Ways of Overcoming Objections

You need to become skilled at overcoming objections. The following three items are examples you can use to best do your job of overcoming objections of clients and make sales.

Objection: “Isn’t this unnecessary for a company our size?”

Overcoming Objection: “IT is important to you. Would you go on a long trip without checking tire pressure, oil level and fuel? Would you buy real estate without an independent inspection and property appraisal? You need to get an idea of what is happening with your IT systems. You may think you know what is going on, but this is based on a surface assumption and not on what is really happening beneath the surface.”

Objection: “Can’t I just throw it away and start from scratch?”

Overcoming Objection: “That might sound easy, but you can run into serious trouble if you buy too much or not enough. Under buying means underestimating your needs and picking something cheap. Because you go cheap, you end up having to re-buy in a few months anyway. Of course, you don’t want to buy too much either. Getting an assessment of your IT needs and picking the best and most effective option for your company is the purpose of a needs analysis and assessment.”

Objection: “Can’t our internal guru save us money by doing some of the analysis?”

Overcoming Objection: “If you make that decision, I can tell you what you will need when having an untrained person perform an IT audit. You can then decide if you think your internal guru can do the work. To do an audit yourself, you need the following items: a complete and up-to-date system documentation; a complete maintenance history; a support call log; a list of types of support calls that are regularly made; an up-to-date inventory of assets; a history of recent projects and a very detailed list of what needs to be done in terms of IT.”

This long list will typically stop them in their tracks and help you with overcoming objections.

Overcoming Objections Once and For All

You need to be very fast if you want to be successful at overcoming objections. Know what you are talking about, and make sure you make them aware of how much is involved so they feel overwhelmed enough to realize why they need an IT audit.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg