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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Computer Service Contracts: Renew and Track Pre-Paid Time Blocks

You have to make sure to carefully track computer service contracts available in pre-paid time blocks. Management of computer service contracts becomes your responsibility once you sell the contract to clients; you have to be sure the time is being used consistently and effectively.

You can use QuickBooks, Excel or any other type of program to track computer service contracts. The most important element of any tracking system is a tickler file to see where the client is in terms of using the time.

As the client nears the end of a pre-paid time block, you should have a system in place that reminds you to send a renewal. Efficiency, not complexity is the key with tracking computer service contracts.

The moment of the renewal notice is your chance to turn an occasional customer into a long-term client. You need to exercise excellent sales skills with the first renewal. A customer is not truly a client until he/she has renewed at least one time.

Ways to Increase the Probability of Computer Service Contract Renewal

1. Make sure the customer uses up the time block of the original computer service contract.

2. Come through with every part of your agreement.

What Do You Do at the Renewal Meeting?

1. Have your next time-block computer service contract ready to go.

2. Have a rate card ready and marketing materials, including testimonials.

3. Think of benefits of renewal from the perspective of the clients.

4. Highlight the benefits of a year-long computer services contract to clients that use up a lot of time each month.

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