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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Places to Find Excellent Business Partnerships

Business partnerships are a great way to build any IT business. The following methods are some of the best ways to locate business partnerships.

1. Through a common account. If you start working with a new small business and the customers already has an established relationship with a niche technology provider, you can form a bond with this provider. Through this type of business partnership you can work with the niche provider to create an internal IT department or your client.

2. Through word-of-mouth referrals that will give you ideas for business partnerships. You may have a partner that specializes in Access databases, but you need a SQL expert. Let your current partner know your needs and get some business partnership leads.

3. By networking with organizations. You can meet potential business partnerships often through the Chamber of Commerce or other like organizations by attending key networking events.

4. By going to reseller channel events for products you support. You can also find potential business partnerships by going to reseller channel events for products you do not support.

5. By attending training classes.

6. Through user groups and consultant reseller groups. These groups can introduce you to great niche technology partners.

7. Through user groups and consultant user reseller groups.

8. By attending meetings of niche and industry trade groups, trade associations and industry conferences. You may find that your best potentials for business partnerships are experts speaking at these events.

9. By reading niche and industry trade publications.

10. By visiting vendor websites or looking at industry ISVs, software vendors and hardware vendor websites. These sites can give you links to potential business partnerships and help you find the local representatives in your area that might be able to give you references or referrals.

Finding the Best Business Partnerships

There are a lot of ways to locate prospective business partnership opportunities. The best methods, as with any other aspect of your business are to find business partnerships located through the most personal means.

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