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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Subcontracting: Offer Great Service

When you opt to use subcontracting, you will be offering services to people that would not normally be customers and clients. The service you will be subcontracting will not normally be a part of your core business.

Figuring out what items are valuable subcontracting services is challenging. Asking the following questions will help you determine if a service is outside your realm of expertise, and if you should consider subcontracting:

1. Should I do it?

2. Do I have to do it?

3. Do I need to do it?

4. Do I want to do it?

Costs of Subcontracting and Great Customer Service

Subcontracting will have associated costs, but it will carry responsibility when you are using it with long-term clients. Subcontracting is an excellent way to offer great customer service.

When you are providing IT services as part of a long-term service agreement model, your goal is to offer nearly all IT-related solutions to clients. If subcontracting will help you achieve this goal, you shouldn’t have to think very hard about whether or not you should use it.

Subcontracting to Build Relationships

Subcontracting can help deepen your relationships with your clients. Subcontracting out services you don’t normally offer helps clients remember you when talking about your services to business contacts, when making referrals and when creating testimonials to help you.
Subcontracting can also help create new relationships with partners or vendors. Because your firm has a larger services menu, you will have a lot more to offer. Subcontracting also helps with networking because it connects you to the niche technology providers that can offer you a great source for referrals. They might use you for subcontracting in the future in return for you using them for subcontracting now.

The Main Point About Subcontracting

Subcontracting new services is vital for those with long-term clients on service agreements. It is a chance for you to provide the best service and make valuable contacts.

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