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Sunday, April 22, 2007

IT Specialist: Copy Past Client Successes for Best Results

As an IT specialist, the best way to distinguish yourself is to find a niche within an industry and find clients with similar successful characteristics.

Replicate Your Best Clients

As an IT specialist, you want to fid clients that resemble your current best clients. Look at your current active client list and put it into an Excel format with columns. The first column should have the client name, the next the revenue for the past 12 months. Divide the revenue by 12 to figure out monthly client income and to figure out which IT specialist clients are your most valuable. This process helps you evaluate the following items:

1. Customer Service: Who should get your best IT specialist services?

2. Retention: Which of your clients is worth keeping for the long haul?

3. Profitability: Which clients are paying your bills?

IT Specialist: Put Clients into Categories

Look at your best and most currently active clients and customers. Put them into the following categories:

1. Micro – those clients with fewer than 10 systems;

2. Sweet spot – clients with 10 to 50 PCs;

3. Large clients – those that you might not be able to continue to service without a very high level of technical staff.

Categorizing your clients as an IT specialist allows you to fid clients that best fit with your level of expertise. Look at your list and see which are your biggest and best clients, and which qualities make them similar so you can become an IT specialist in that field. They may be accountants or doctors or office managers. Identify what they share to find more of them.

IT Specialist: Narrowing Down Your Industry Focus

If you hone your focus as an IT specialist, you will immediately become known as an expert in your field. Narrowing your focus, no matter what the focus, helps set you apart from other professionals trying to offer similar services.

IT Specialist: Look at Your Professional Background

Your industry expertise is a great stepping off point. When you offer a case to prospects, you will know about their field of business, and this fact will be very reassuring to them. Small businesses will more likely pick you as an IT specialist than someone without any particular expertise.

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