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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting Information is the Key to Being an IT Specialist

As an IT specialist, you have to be able to get through to your targets with marketing strategies. The first step to reaching this audience is to study what your niche clients do.

For example, if you are an IT specialist trying to get through to small medical offices, you need to be well informed about business issues that affect decision makers in small medical offices. Subscribe to industry newsletters and publications that medical office managers read, including those on medical economics, financial management and those specific to the Medical Group Management Association.

The resources you use as an IT specialist to learn more about your targets are available worldwide. Start reading publications so you know what really worries your target audience, what painful issues affect them, how they view security and what IT issues are of greatest concern right now. If you become well versed in these topics, you can be an IT specialist equipped to work with your intended targets.

IT Specialist: What Solutions Can You Offer Clients?

How is your target client base using technology to change their businesses and make them more efficient? Regardless of the industry, you need to know about the large trends that are occurring right this minute. When you are an IT specialist, you have to be an expert.

IT Specialist = Virtual CIO

If you are a virtual CIO for your clients, you are not just like any other consulting firm that sells PCs, installs LANS or fixes problems. You are able to analyze very specialized business needs, make suggestions, help with long-term IT planning and make it happen in a timely manner for a reasonable amount of money. You are not just a commodity, but a true IT specialist capable of understanding your prospects’ unique businesses, and because of this fact prospects will want to hire you.

IT Specialists Spend Time Reading Trade Publications

Don’t just read consumer and IT trade publications to get technical knowledge of prospects’ businesses. Instead, as an IT specialist you should learn about business issues and business IT issues for the niche you are serving. Pay attention to special trade publications to be the best IT specialist you can.

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