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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Setting Rates for IT Support

When you set your rates for IT support, you have to charge what will help you maintain your business. You will not be able to make a decent living if your rates are at $50 per hour.

Micro Small Businesses and IT Support

Micro small businesses can have over ten employees and even dedicated servers. Many are looking for cheap IT support, but also know they need to pay for the best support. Focus on the micro small businesses that can and are willing to pay for IT support that is first rate.

IT Support is the Client’s Decision

If you charge the same rates for small businesses and sweet spot small businesses you need to make choosing you and your sophisticated support up to the client.

If a client believes he/she can do fine with low-level IT support, let him/her go.

Complex Needs Mean Sophisticated IT Support

When you start to get into firewalls and dedicated servers, most of the low-cost IT solutions will start to fall apart. There is no reason for you not to charge micro small businesses $100 per hour or more for IT support, depending on your business model and your aggressiveness.

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