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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mailing to Your Existing Customer Database as Part of IT Marketing

Mailing to a current list of customers and pitching them to try new services or more fully utilize existing technology is a great way to jump-start an IT marketing campaign.

IT Marketing for Customers that Already Know Your Work

An IT marketing mailing to current customers is great because you know everyone personally that is on the list. Similarly, the people on this IT marketing list of current customers know and trust you, which eliminates one of the biggest problems to overcome typically when doing an IT marketing campaign.

IT Marketing: What Do You Want to Pitch?

If you have a certain comfort level with customers about offering them services such as virus protection, firewalls, passwords, backup and power protection, you can pitch an IT audit. You can offer your customers discounted IT audits. For example, if an IT audit is usually $400, offer a $299 audit with a specific ending date for the deal. You can also add bonuses like entry-level battery backup units, surge protectors or a system inventory template. Give away something valuable as part of a good IT marketing plan with IT audits.

IT Marketing: Track Results

If you notice a five percent inquiry rate based on your IT marketing campaign and that out of those, half take the audit you offer, you can measure and compare other lists and responses you get from IT marketing mailings. IT marketing to existing customers will give you the most receptive audience because they know you, like you and trust you.

IT Marketing: Help Customers Use Existing Technology

Examine your current customer relationships and determine how you can help these customers use items they already own. They have probably bought things that are unused or under-used, and you can help them change this.

IT Marketing to Solidify Relationships

Helping current customers use existing resources is a great way to help them maximize efficiency but also a chance for you to get incremental service revenue. These opportunities are also a way for you to add to long-term loyalty and improve relationships that will get your business to the next level and keep you going for the long haul.

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