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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Computer Consulting: Be Active Rather Than Passive

Before opening a computer consulting business you have to be organized and prepared. You must have a company name and business cards along with a good idea of what types of clients you hope to secure and how you will meet them.

Print Business Cards

You need to print computer consulting business cards even if you don’t think you are going to stick with the same design forever. If you decide to change anything in the future, you can always reprint them. Start building awareness by handing some out to friends and family.

Spread the Word About Your Computer Consulting Business

When you are in places where you can network, tell community members about your business and give them business cards. These people can help you sell your computer consulting business.

Computer Consulting and Your Business Community

Get active in local small business owner organizations. Find three or four good trade groups, such as a chamber of commerce, user group or trade group or an industry trade group.

Start With What You Know

Pick an industry focus that suits you and be flexible so you can branch out in the future. Starting with a niche in which you are comfortable will help your credibility and with the creation of marketing materials and your main message.

Computer Consulting: Make Sure There are Enough Prospects

If you have a specific background, focus early marketing and business development on related industries. For example, you might focus on medical offices if you have experience in nursing. Make sure there are at least 500 or 1,000 prospects within your area before you decide on a niche.

Computer Consulting and Branding

You can also brand your computer consulting company by putting your focus in your name.

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