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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Which Type of Computer Consulting Business is Right for You?

Computer consulting professionals, like other business owners have two options when deciding to open up their own businesses: independent computer consulting; franchise.

Do you want to build your computer consulting business from the ground, up, or do you want some help? With a franchise in computer consulting, you need to be prepared to start bigger, but there are definitely positives and negatives to either option.

Computer Consulting: Put in the Time to Get Best Results

At the beginning or start-up phase of a computer consulting business, you will have some months when you will need to be very actively working on networking and getting your name out in the community. You will also need to follow up on leads, create many proposals and go out on a lot of sales calls. This will all have to happen before you get any billable hours. Just because you buy into a computer consulting franchise does not mean this type of work will go away faster.

Computer Consulting: It’s a Personal Choice

Consider the right choice for your personal style and personality when deciding on a franchise or a computer consulting business. Your choice will depend upon what you want to get out of your computer consulting business along with your specific skills and the amount of time you have to spare along with your capital.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg