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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Are Your Computer Consulting Business Skills? Tips for Start-Up

If you want to be successful in the world of computer consulting, you need to have more than just technical skills. Your job will not be about playing with gadgets or wi-fi devices, routers, VPNs or firewalls. You need to have the skills to work with technology devices because your clients will be buying your skills, but your computer consulting firm is a business.

Business Skills are Critical

If you want your computer consulting practice to work, you need to know how to get revenue and keep expenses low. You need to be able to bill, negotiate and network. If you are an adamant techie, you may think if you study the Windows Server Resource Kit you will find out all you need to know about running a business, but a computer consulting business is about way more than technology.

Get a Good Resume

If you are self-employed when you start your computer consulting business, you might not have a current resume. Get a copy of your resume out and a yellow highlighter and go through each sentence or phrase that describes a job or endeavor related to small business ownership.

Organize Your Resume

Look through your resume and seek out phrases related to your jobs and projects in the past few years that will make small business owners and managers take notice. Go through each item and decide whether it was IT related, had to do with running a small business or was related to being able to communicate well with others.

This type of work will help you with your computer consulting business start-up.

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